Complete This Sentence: If I Ran Into My Ex Today, I Would...

hugh hefner crystal harris
Buzz, Heartbreak

If you were in Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris' shoes, what would you do if you ran into your ex?

Few things make us panic like running into an ex out of blue. If you're lucky, you'll be accompanied by your gorgeous new squeeze (as we bet Hugh Hefner's hoping, given he's taken up with a new gal days after ex-fiancee Crystal Harris called off their wedding) but chances are you'll be doing something completely mundane, like buying groceries.

Say it's been a couple of years, but maybe it's only been a few weeks. You turn a corner, and there he is. You've made eye contact. Awkwardness is imminent. It's too late to pretend you're on the phone or to dive behind the cereal display, so you have no choice but to acknowledge his presence. Would you smile and say hello? Slap him? Confess your undying love and regret? Bemoan your bad luck over a Facebook status?

Finish this sentence for us: "If I ran into my ex today, I would...."