Scarlett Johansson Steps Out With Sean Penn, Fuels Baby Rumors

Scarlett Johansson

Another baby-bump photo emerges of ScarJo after attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

The romance between Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn seems to be gettin' serious. The two were caught mid-PDA—just holding hands, but still—on their way into the White House Correspondents' Dinner this past weekend. And for the second time in a little over two weeks, a photo of ScarJo has us scratching our heads and ready to cry, "Baby bump!"

First, it was the jogging pic that had Scarlett's rep in a tizzy, quickly sending out a statement that she was not pregnant, and was actually "in the best shape of her life." Now People has a photo of her at the dinner, holding hands with Sean Penn, wearing a dress that seems to cinch just above the baby-bump area to cover a little pooch.

Is something up? With two suspicious photos, we wouldn't be surprised.

Regardless, Sean Penn looks to be every bit the doting boyfriend, dropping everything for Scarlett. He's taken her on vacation, escorted her to her agent's wedding, accompanied her to the White House, trained with her as she gears up for her next film project, The Avengers... If all that doesn't say, "I'm into you," we don't know what does. He must be pretty smitten. Are Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Shacking Up Together?

And one thing's for certain: We'll all be on ScarJo Bump Watch for the next couple months (because reps do tend to deny pregnancies quite frequently...), so we'll keep you posted.

Photo Source: INF