Will Prince Harry Get In The Way Of Pippa Middleton's Engagement?

Pippa Middleton soon to be engaged?

Pippa Middleton is nearly engaged to her boyfriend, but could Prince Harry ruin it all?

Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton's younger sister, stole hearts around the world and sent social media users into a flurry last weekend at the Royal Wedding with her curve-hugging dress and mega-watt smile. Bachelors everywhere were probably plotting a way to make the Maid of Honor theirs, but Middleton has been keeping a little secret: she's practically engaged to her broker boyfriend, Alex Loudon.

With all the hoopla surrounding her sister's wedding, Middleton (who has earned the nickname Her Royal Hotness) and Loudon have kept their romance quiet, but it seems things are getting serious and they could announce their engagement later this year. And even though Middleton is friends with Prince Harry's on-again-off-again girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, we're thinking the Prince might have a thing for his sister-in-law's smoking hot sibling. 5 Royals Who Are Still Looking For Their Princess Brides

After watching the two walk arm-in-arm down together out of Westminster Abbey and giggle the whole way, we were wondering if there was something more happening between the two younger siblings of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And then while standing together on the balcony while Kate and William smooched for millions,  we couldn't help but notice Prince Harry making comments to Middleton, who seemed to try and conceal her amusement. No doubt about it, Prince Harry is charming, handsome, and mischievous. But is he devilish enough to possibly steal Middleton away from Loudon, her boyfriend of one year?

A friend of Middleton revealed, "They have been virtually living together in London, and Pippa is a regular visitor to his family's stately home in Kent, Olantigh Towers. Alex can't see himself spending his future with anyone else and Pippa, although very picky, thinks Alex ticks all the right boxes – he has the family pile in the country, a smart job in London and he is very handsome." Have Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Rekindled their Romance?

Loudon sounds like a winner, but we're sure Middleton has noted Prince Harry's good looks and impressive family. And we're sure the Prince could woo his way into Middleton's heart with a wisecrack and that goofy grin of his if he really wanted to (if he hasn't already).

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