Prince William Refuses To Sign Prenup

Prince William and Kate Middleton at Royal Wedding

William and Kate enter marriage without the protection of this legal document.

Some are calling it foolish, while other say it's a romantic gesture that Prince William refused to sign a prenuptial agreement with his new wife Kate Middleton. While these kinds of legal documents are all the rage with celebrity couples in Hollywood, they're not as common in British law. And besides, the new royal couple hardly seems like the type to need one. Are Prenuptial Agreements Unromantic or Smart?

"William was advised that some sort of legal agreement might be a good idea. But he loves Kate and trusts her implicitly, and was adamant that no agreement was necessary,” one of William's friends said.

It's not uncommon to see divorce in royal families, and when so much wealth is as stake, it's no surprise there are concerns about protecting property and money in the event that love goes sour. Maybe we're being silly, but we think this could be one of the few marriages to actually last.

After they announced their engagement last November, the couple was even advised by Patrick Jephson, a former private secretary to William's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, to go forward with a prenup. 5 Royals Who Are Still Looking For Their Princess Brides

"There will be a tidal wave of sentimental slush, but you've got to be practical. If she were my sister I'd tell her to get a good prenup. It's such a public thing. If they don't get this one right, what's going to happen to the institution in the long run?” Jephson stated.

We're sure the new Duchess of Cambridge didn't wait all these years just to marry and then divorce Prince William simply to take some of his wealth. It seems clear that these two do love each other and worked to make their relationship solid before they got married, so hopefully the decision to pass on the prenuptial doesn't come back to bite them later. 

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