Did Osama Bin Laden Force William & Kate To Delay The Honeymoon?

Prince William Kate Middleton

The newlyweds reportedly won't go on vacation until the end of the month.

It looks like our guessing game about where Prince William and Kate Middleton should honeymoon was all for naught! After marrying in front of their guests at Westminster Abbey (and nearly 2 billion TV watchers around the world,) the couple has reportedly decided to postpone their honeymoon. (Some, like the Daily Mail, are speculating that the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death and related security concerns may have been the cause for the delay, although the official reason given is that Prince William needs to return to his job as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force.)

Still, don't feel too bad for Duchess Kate. Prince William is reportedly planning a romantic vacation at the end of the month at an $8000/night beach villa on an island in the Seychelles off of the coast of Africa. According to the Daily Mail, the luxury retreat is "surrounded by coconut groves, offers almost complete isolation. Its white sand beaches are bathed by crystal-clear turquoise waters and are a sanctuary for sea turtles." /node/75254

"It’s one of the most incredible places you will ever visit and Kate will have the time of her life. It’s everything you could want from a honeymoon destination and more – beautiful beaches, tropical seas and complete privacy," said a source to the newspaper.

The couple, who are often said to be fond of the outdoors, will be able to snorkel, kayak, or dive during their vacation, and a personal butler and chef will on hand to cater to their every honeymoon whim! (That is, if they don't hang a "do not disturb" sign on the door handle the entire time.)

The honeymoon will no doubt feel too short, however, as Prince William is reportedly scheduled for a military deployment to the Falkland Islands that Kate unfortunately cannot accompany him on. Not unlike the beginning of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's marriage, William and Kate reportedly could be separated for as long as four months. Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Married!

But for the sake of their new marriage, we hope the story isn't true. After such a public wedding, we hope the royal couple can enjoy some alone time together.

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