Top 5 Fantasy Royal Wedding Hookups

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry

The big wedding has passed, but we're dreaming about all the hookups that could have taken place.

The royal wedding is over: the vows have been taken, the cake has been cut, and the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are off to begin their married lives together. But that didn't stop us from wondering about the inevitable wedding hookups that may have happened at the royal reception. Here are some of our fantasy royal wedding hookups that we would have liked to see.

1. Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton. It might be creepy to some people since these two are in-laws now, but we think Harry is smooth enough to pick up even his new sister-in-law's hot younger sister. We love the photos of Harry and Pippa on the balcony while their siblings sealed their marriage with the now-famous double kiss spectacle, Harry cracking some kind of joke and Pippa giving him a coy smile. They may both be taken, but we can still dream about them falling for each other. Is Prince Harry Marriage Material?

2. Fergie's daughter Princess Beatrice and Kate's brother James. He seems like such a nice guy (let's be honest—the entire Middleton family seems sweet as sponge cake) and we're sure he wouldn't make any remarks about Beatrice's bizarre hat choice at the wedding, and he seems like the type to hold doors and drape his coat over a puddle in the street. Who knows, maybe the other Middleton siblings have a taste for royalty after their sister's massive wedding. Weird-hat-Beatrice might be just the one for sweet James.

3. Joss Stone and David Beckham. Sure, his wife Victoria Beckham is pregnant and he's a bit older than Joss, but we could picture Becks misbehaving a bit if he caught a glimpse of smoking-hot- singer Stone at the royal reception. And in all reality it wouldn't be the first time that rumors would fly about the soccer stud's fidelity, either. Well, maybe this one really is just in our fantasy… David Beckham Denies Affair With Call Girl

4. Guy Ritchie and Chelsy Davy. Of course Chelsy attended the wedding as Prince Harry's guest, but the two have been so on-and-off that it seems possible she would scope out other eligible hunks at the wedding. Plus, she's already stated that the royal lifestyle isn't for her (millions of women the world over would be happy to take your place, Chelsy!), so maybe stealing a kiss or two with Madonna's ex-husband would give her a taste of the celebrity life without all the requirements of royalty. Drawing Sides In the Madonna Divorce

5. Queen Elizabeth and Elton John. This pairing seems crazy, but we think it could work. Imagine the Queen's relief during the reception: the wedding is over, the public has gotten their glimpse into the festivities, and now the royals are celebrating with a small group of friends and family. If she enjoyed a few drinks and let that relief go to her head, who knows? Maybe Elton John would be the one to whisk her away at the end of the evening…

Photo via INF