January Jones Is Pregnant

January Jones

But who is the father? The 'Mad Men' star isn't saying.

Add another celebrity to the baby bump circle. January Jones' rep confirmed to People Magazine recently that the 33-year-old Mad Men actress is pregnant with her first child.

The only mystery? January hasn't officially been linked to anyone romantically since breaking up with ex-boyfriend Jason Sudeikis this past January, and it doesn't seem like she's eager to explain who exactly is the father of her baby. January Jones and Jason Sudeikis Break Up

"She's really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom," added January's rep, in case anyone had the impression that January might have a secret boyfriend that we don't know about.

January shouldn't fret her single status though, as there are plenty of other single moms in Hollywood to give her support and advice. Madonna, Michelle Williams, Padma Lakshmi, and Sandra Bullock are just a few celebrity moms who are doing it all (literally) these days. Is January Jones The New Jennifer Aniston?

And considering that she's played Betty Draper for the past four years, January should have some ideas about what not to do when raising a child. We wonder how the show, which is gearing up for their fifth season, is planning on handling January's pregnancy, though. Will they try to cover it, à la Jane Krakowski's character on 30 Rock? Or could there possibly be another child on the way for Don and Betty? (That is, if Jon Hamm dumps his fictional French Canadian fiancée, of course.)