Awesomest Of The Web: Bad Relationship Advice & Prince Harry

Plus Tweeting breakups, dating a Taurus and having The Talk.

And the weekend makes May. I hope you had a great first third of 2011 and I promise to make no more mention of the royal wedding. The web does come up with a few gems regarding love and relationships and here they are from the last-ish week.

First off, Zestra and YourTango want you to describe amazing sex in 10 words or less (really anything under 11 would be great). The best write-up gets a trip to New York City, a great prize package and brunch with my personal favorites Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadel. Get it on. /node/75947

And for people who are keenly aware of the time of the year, my buds at Impersonals have a little advice on dating a Taurus (I'm one!).

And a little more about me. My celebrity doppleganger is Prince Harry and Glo calls him one of the world's most eligible bachelors. This could be my rainmaker if you don't blow it for me. More great bachelors from Glo.

I don't like my chances. Sometimes what online happenings up real life relationships. College Candy has a great post on tweeting towards a breakup.

Sometimes a serious conversation is unavoidable but you can do a good job of picking your spots. The Frisky has a great flowchart on when and mostly when not to get into The Talk

Then again, what does anyone know? Huffington Post has Douglas Labier tell you why a lot of relationship advice doesn't work and what you can do about it. You can cry about it.

Read Douglas Labier and then read this feature from Nerve. They cover tips from conventional lady magazine which are likely to wreck your sex life.

A few facts that could save your sexin' life from Good Men Project are staring you right in the crotch. There're a lot of misconceptions out there about the male member and Hugo Schwyzer wants to straighten you out.

Bad Online Dates has a bit of whockah whockah about an embarrassing situation called: passing out during sex. Listen, if my shoes are off it is not passing out. It is going to bed. I said good DAY!

Over at Betty Confidential, a quick question for you, Sassy Pants, are you addicted to relationships? Serial monogamists bounce in and out of relationships without figuring out why they don't work.

And from Em & Lo (, a bit of counsel is needed. A man had one of those relationships where you go from dating and in love to dating and not in love to banging because it's convenient to she starts with someone else and now he's jealous. What should he do?

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Also, this will be the last links post from Tomfoolery. I'll still be contributing but in a slightly different format. Thanks for reading!