New Online Dating Site Sends Potential Dates Direct To Your Inbox

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Up-and-coming online dating site InboxCupid puts a new spin on the daily-deals email idea.

If you're an avid online dater and you're getting pretty sick of the (new)age-old formula of filling out a profile, nudging potential matches and waiting to get winks back, then let us introduce you to InboxCupid.

Co-founder Kareem Ahmed told Mashable it's the easier way to tackle the online-dating scene. After a long day at work, InboxCupid promises to find dates for you, instead of having to go actively seek them out: "You can get exposed to a lot of people with doing a minimal amount of work," he said.

Here's the premise: You're looking for love online in a certain city. You subscribe to InboxCupid, detailing who you're interested in—for example, you're a gal interested in meeting guys. Then, you wait. In a spin on the daily deals approach, InboxCupid will send you daily dates. Each daily date spotlights a new man in the email. If you peruse his questionnaire and decide you want to get to know that featured daily date better, you hit the "Inbox Me" button to message him and see if you can't get the ball rolling. 10 Reasons to Give Online Dating a Try

You pay $1 every time you want to contact a featured date. You can also choose to become the featured date yourself, as 15 percent of all users do. All you have to do is fill out five quick questions.

"We thought it would be crazy to put actual people up as potential dating candidates," Ahmed said about InboxCupid. Crazy? Maybe. But it sure caught on. Ahmed and co-founder David Dellanave thought up the idea and got it off the ground in just a month's time, so they have big plans for expansion, even though the InboxCupid is only up and running in one location as of now. 3 Online Dating Resolutions You're Likely to Keep

The service is currently available in Minneapolis, so if you're Minnesota-dwelling dater, feel free to get started if this peaks your interest. Would-be users in other cities can also sign up. As soon as the demand for the site increases, Ahmed said he plans to launch the site across the rest of the country.

All this begs the question: Would you try a site like InboxCupid?