Shocker! Men More Likely To Ignore GPS Than Women, Survey Says

man in car using gps

A British survey shows men are more likely to rebel against a GPS when it leads them off course.

For shame! A new survey finds that British male drivers are more likely than women to disobey the directions given by their GPS, because men don't want to pull over for directions and admit they're lost. Is This Why Men Don't Ask For Directions?

Of the 3,000 United Kingdom drivers surveyed, 83 percent of men admitted to ignoring the navigational system’s directions at least once, compared to less than 75 percent for women. Swinton, the insurance retailer that issue the survey, said that GPS systems caused verbal arguments when the system's directions led over a third of the drivers up to five miles away from their destination. And, gender aside, a majority of UK drivers admitted to traveling with road maps as back up since they don't completely trust their GPS. Are You Good Needy or Bad Needy?

The survey doesn't specify which kind of GPS was used, but could it be these drivers were just using a poor model?

That aside, we know as advanced as technology is today, it isn't perfect. I can recall plenty of times I cursed at my GPS for not indicating that the shady little road I flew past was the road I needed to turn left on. But it doesn't justify my yelling when I could easily put that same effort into pulling over and asking for directions. Now You Can Facebook Stalk Your Date While Driving!

We get it. Driving can be frustrating, especially when TomTom is not behaving, but don't take it out on him. Especially if you're in the car with your partner. Nothing sparks a spontaneous argument more than refusing to ask for directions.

The solution? Return your GPS system and invest in a new one. Unsure of which model to trust? AskMen has you covered with a list of their five best GPS buys.

Do you fight with your GPS?