Love Bytes: American Weddings vs. European Nuptials


The real story on relationship addicts and the wedding traditions we'd like to see left in the dust.

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links.

We know that Americans have a different take on the royal wedding than most Brits, but how do we differ when it comes to our own weddings? [Hunch]

"I don't regret my cheating past." 5 stories of broken trust and no regrets. [Nerve]

You go to great lengths to prep yourself for an intimate sack session; but as it turns out, there are some ways in which you should leave your nether regions alone. [Divine Caroline]

How do you feel about ultimatums in a relationship? Are you guilty of laying them down? [The Gloss]

From awful bridesmaid dresses to horrifically cheesy dances, which bad wedding tradition would you skip at your wedding? [Tres Sugar]

Do you jump from relationship to relationship with little to no single time in between? You just might be a relationship addict. [Betty Confidential]

Hookup politics: is it appropriate to dump a booty call via text? [Em and Lo]

So your man cheated... does it make matters worse that the other woman was a total dog? [The Stir]

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