Complete This Sentence: My First Kiss Was...

young couple kissing

How would you describe your first kiss?

Everyone remembers their first kiss. For some, it happened the Hollywood way: at age 12, during a balmy summer by the lake, while fireflies hovered overhead. If that's you, we're totally jealous, because ours were a hundred percent more awkward—and by awkward we mean wet, squishy, Fanta-flavored and...toothy? Don't tell us that's not the first word that comes to mind when you recall kissing what's-his-name with the neon blue braces.

Or maybe yours happened somewhere completely unromantic, but it was with a kissing connoisseur, like your older brother's best friend. His lips tasted like Carmex chapstick, but it was OK, because unlike what the others girls said, the experience didn't give you an aversion to saliva.

How would you describe your first kiss? Complete this sentence: My first kiss was ____.