My happiness


Loving a man 18 years younger!

  Today I looked over at my husband and realised how right my world is!! Laying on his stomach across our bed, with his nose stuck in a book, I saw my happiness. We have been married ten years next month and I feel like I have always been married to this man. So many people told me not to marry him...the age difference and all....but I listened to my heart and did what was right for me...and my children! I have six kids and luckily for me they all love Bill...the two youngest call him daddy. My ex has nothing to do with the bottom four and my top two are from my first marriage.....I was widowed in 1985 with 247 other men and women........when my husband's plane crashed in Gander Newfoundland. They were coming home from a six month tour of duty in the Sanai....not my best Christmas. Still grieving I fell into a relationship that was not good but tried to stick it out, so for 13 years I was in my own world and terribly unhappy. I finally saw the light and got out of that....Catholic upbringing or not!! And now I am a stronger happier woman!!

  Sometimes things hit me at the wierdest today. I am happy...I can say it out loud and smile for the world to see. I like me. I like my marriage. I like my husband and I like my life!! My kids are happy and fairly well adjusted....given the fact that some are still teenagers.

  The age difference never bothered me...though I lost friends over it. My husband is an old soul and fits my generation more than his. he has helped raise these kids and paid all their bills for years.....but more importantly, he has taught them good manners and respest for themselves and others. They do say third time is a charm don't they?

  I guess more than anything I want to say.....when life gives you a chance at somethig that may be a bit different....go for it if you know its right for you!! If I would have listened to my friends who tried to talk me out of it I would not be this happy woman that I am today.  Live your life to the fullest and enjoy.