Is Prince Harry Marriage Material?

prince harry

It's Harry's turn to pick his princess, but does Britain's wild next-in-line really have it in him?

Now that Prince William has  wed his darling Kate Middleton, single ladies and the monarchy-obsessed British press are already beginning to look to Britain's most eligible bachelor, that loveable ginger rogue Prince Harry.

While William had been under pressure to find the perfect bride and revamp the aging face and declining reputation of the Windsor dynasty, 26-year-old Harry—cruelly referred to as the 'spare prince'—has had wiggle room to fool around. /node/75703

Seemingly squeaky-clean William is off the market. Now it's time to seriously examine Harry's ability to make some lucky girl's dreams come true. Will he pull a Prince Andrew and continue to evoke public disdain, or will he submit to his princely duties and find the next Kate Middleton?

Let's start with the good news: Harry is getting hotter by the minute and has already proven himself perfectly capable of maintaining a long-term romanceThe Royal Wedding's Best Man Has Got Himself A Date

That blonde, tan plus-one he's bringing to William's wedding isn't just your average insanely-gorgeous daughter of a Zimbabwean multi-millionaire... She's Chelsy Davy—Harry's on-again, off-again girlfriend of six years.

The couple called it quits in January of 2009 after five years together, but were back together by the fall and split up again in 2010. The indecisive couple has certainly had their ups and downs—Harry has reportedly dated everyone from TV host Caroline Flack to singer Camilla Romestrand during his Chelsy hiatuses, and one of their breakups was reportedly fueled by poor Chelsy finding texts from other girls on Harry's phone. 

To be fair, it's not like the young prince is the only twenty-something to play the field. Some of the couple's break-ups were due to long distance. It's only natural for a young buck to spend some time seeing what else is out there, especially when his long-time love is on another continent.

The couple has yet to confirm if they're officially back together, but bringing her as his date to the royal wedding is a pretty good sign. Harry keeps coming back to the same girl, despite having his pick of the litter. Might he be closer to settling down than we think?

In fact, Harry and Chelsy's long-winded romance is reminiscent of another royal. It's easy to forget that William and Kate split when William joined the army, amidst rumors that he too felt he was too young for marriage and wanted to play the field. The couple remained friends and occasionally hung out in public before they got back together. Kate may have earned the nickname 'Waity Katie' , but she finally got her prince.

Perhaps the Windsor boys just want to take their time and test the waters before picking their princess - after all, divorce is not taken lightly in the royal family. Only time will tell whether Chelsy is the one, and until he buys a ring, Harry's an available bachelor. But is a pinup of this royal party boy worth that precious space in your cubicle? Should Premarital Counseling Be A Marriage Requirement?

Harry's desire to play the field is completely understandable, but some of his other public mishaps are less easy to explain. He's definitely not the first celeb to be caught drinking underage or smoking marijuana. But being sent to rehab at 16 is a major no-no for a prince. Harry's curbed his drug-use since then, but the wild one still loves to hit the clubs. Prince Harry Throws Prince William A Secret Bachelor Party

Harry displayed violent tendencies when he physically lashed out against paparazzi in 2004. The incident was relatively minor. Given his tragic family history, his anger toward the paps seems warranted. But Harry will have to let go of his rage if he ever wants to make a woman happy.

Partying's one thing, but the prince's racist antics are a cause for concern. The young prince showed shockingly bad taste when he dressed as a Nazi for a 2005 party. He was also filmed referring to a Pakistani fellow soldier by the slur "Paki." Harry apologized publicly for both incidents, but those horrific swastika photos will likely follow him to the grave.

Fortunately, Harry's press in the last few years hasn't been completely related to his questionable personal decisions. The heroic young prince served in the front lines of Afghanistan in the extremely dangerous Helmand province after he was not allowed to serve in Iraq back in 2007. His tour of duty ended prematurely when his top-secret cover was blown by the ever-meddling press, but Harry was recently promoted to Captain, and could return to Afghanistan as early as the spring of 2012.

When he isn't flying combat planes or taking Chelsy out, Harry finds time to give back to the less fortunate. Harry co-created a charity called Sentebale to aid children orphaned by HIV and AIDS. He also serves as the Royal Patron for Dolen Cymru, MapAction and WellChild, organizations that focus on international diplomacy, natural and humanitarian disasters, and sick children, respectively. Not bad for a guy who could be lying on the royal couch being waited on by servants!

Whether Harry chooses the life of a playboy or decides to live up to his princely expectations is certainly up to him. Harry's third in line for the throne and will likely one day receive the title of Duke of York. His future bride—whoever she is—will need to live by the same impossibly high standards Kate Middleton is currently battling, even if her husband's boyish good looks and token charm continue to get him out of trouble. The scores of ladies trying to nab Harry had better prepare for a wild ride! 4 Reasons Not To Envy Kate Middleton

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