Is Jennifer Aniston Preparing To Stay Single For Good?

Jennifer Aniston

The actress just bought a posh new pad in NYC—but there's only room for one.

Jennifer Aniston is constantly fending off rumors about hooking up with new guys and adopting babies from overseas, but it seems marriage and children were the furthest things from her mind when she decided on her posh pad in NYC.

Jennifer's been scouring for a spot to call home in New York for awhile now: "I've been looking and looking and looking," she revealed to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. "I grew up here. I miss it. There is nothing like being in the city that is just the City of Everyman. It's all walks of life. I love that." 5 Love Lessons We Can Learn from Jennifer Aniston

According to E! Online, Jen has reportedly found herself a place to live—finally. The former Friends star picked out a gorgeous penthouse apartment in the center of the West Village. The humble abode costs a cool $5.9 million. It has 1,200 square feet, a terrace where she can hang out and enjoy views of the Empire State Building and New York Harbor, and even four closets for all her designer duds. The only thing it doesn't have? Room for more than one person.

Jen's pad has just one bedroom and one bathroom. After becoming the most notoriously unlucky-in-love lady in Hollywood, does this move mean she's put marriage and babies on hold indefinitely?

Rumor has it Jennifer recently wanted to rekindle the short-lived romance she had in 2009 with her He's Just Not That Into You co-star, Bradley Cooper. However, he wasn't so interested in being known as "Mr. Jennifer Aniston" and just really "loves Jennifer as a friend." With that blow and the room-for-one apartment, maybe she's committed to staying a single lady for the foreseeable future? Bradley Cooper Only Likes Jennifer Aniston As A Friend

We sure hope not! Of all the classy women in Hollywood, Jen is one who totally deserves love and happiness. We hope she keeps searching for Mr. Right. He has to be out there. (Maybe she should give up on the Brads, though, eh?)

Photo Source: INF