Awesomest Of The Web: Crummy Boyfriends & Office Romance

crummy boyfriend

Plus toeing the line between passionate and creepy and dreaming about an ex.

I hope that your experience with the beginning of the NBA playoffs and the middle of the NHL playoffs haven't made you want me to take a header out of a window. I've nailed all my windows closed, just in case.

O'er at Very Smart Brothas, the crew discusses why women are smarter about relationships than dudes. Probably the same reason that people named Gary like landscaping and people living in Florida do weird things.

Over at College Candy a young woman laments having to choose between her bestie and her guy. Normally I'd suggest a threeway but that just puts a band-aid on issues.

This must be a common problem… over at Huffington Post one Toni Nagy discusses what to do if your best friend is dating a real jackbutt and you want to help her out. I’d probably just start dating someone even douchier and see what your friend does.

Sometimes even awesome boyfriends lose sight of the line between supes sweet and kind of stalker-y. The Frisky has tips on how to be romantic without crossing that line. NOTE: It's almost never OK to carve someone's name into your skin with a steak knife.

Once in a while, you get to know someone pretty well at the office and decide that she is a much safer bet than someone you might meet at 3:45 AM while picking up some tacquitos before you go to the after-party. Our buddies at Good Men Project think dating a coworker can be pretty awesome.

At My Daily, a lady wants to know why she’s happily married BUT still has dreams about her ex. Normally, I'd guess it was an Inception scenario but I’m guessing she has some unresolved intimacy issues that manifest using an ex-husband as a surrogate. Finally, would you rather hear about someone else's dream or someone else's best moment video game ever?

The team at Nerve has an adorable story about a super nerd who used Super Mario to trick a woman into marrying him. Thanks for the hope, bro.

My buds Em & Lo ( have a very thoughtful piece on keeping sensual massage sexy. I would suggest not wearing socks on your hands.

At Bad Online Dates, a young gal wants to know what she should do about having way more libido than her dude. Three words: Big Jim Slade (not ideal for work).

And, finally, Jezebel says World Of Warcraft is the future of online dating. This Super Mario engagement guy really blew his you-know-what, huh?

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