Love Bytes: A Look At Prom Through The Decades (Yikes)


When to keep your mouth shut about your engagement, your cheating past, and why you're dumping him.

Love Bytes: 15 must-click love and relationship links.

Is a first date too early to learn about a guy's sordid past? What if he's a sex offender? Luckily, plans to do the work for you. [Nerve]

How not to fight about your finances. [Glo]

If you just can't seem to get a guy to stick around, you may be guilty of one of the 9 ways to get a man to lose interest. [Huffington Post Living]

With the sheer quantity of unemployed men being higher than it ever has, why do we still expect them to be the providers? [Double X]

When it comes to breaking up with a guy; when should you explain yourself, and when is it best to just keep quiet? [Divine Caroline]

If it really does need to be so much more simple than that, here's how to break up with a guy you just started dating. [Em and Lo]

Turns out, you're not the only one who gets nervous when you sleep with someone new. Here, 5 guys spill how the initial encounter makes them feel. [Glamour]

Now here's a steamy challenge to start your weekend off right: 31 days of screaming hot sex. [Cosmopolitan]

Why you should keep your mouth shut about your cheating past, and other times to zip your lips. [The Stir]

Is it really necessary to tell your exes that you're getting married? [The Frisky]

Be honest, how terrible was your prom dress? Behold, a look at prom through the decades. [TresSugar]

Even more honestly, would these tactics really make you consider trying some backdoor action? [Ask Men]

Alarming statistic alert: 33 percent of married women knew on their wedding day that they were making the wrong decision. [Marie Claire]

On that note, a discussion on what it would take to marry someone you didn't love. [The Gloss]

At last, 7 crazy dating attitudes that need to be adjusted. [Shine]


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