How Movies And Music Show What Men Want In Women

Woman laughing with man
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Arts and entertainment show us what kind of women guys seek.

Pop quiz: Why do all the comedies directed towards men depict raunchy humor and beautiful women?

Answer: Men don’t take themselves, or sex, as seriously as women do. They realize a universal truth: Sex. Is. Funny. It’s messy, noisy, liquids fly all over, clothes get torn, sheets get tangled, and sometimes, things get broken. After all that, it may not even work! Whereas women are apt to worry about these mishaps, men like to laugh at them. You want in on a little secret, ladies? A man would far prefer to laugh with you about that queef and keep going than listen to you apologize and get embarrassed. It kills the mood far faster than any random noise. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look through some popular media and see.

In "There’s Something about Mary," the title character is pursued by two men. Why? That ‘something’ she has is a free spirit, the ability to go with the flow. Come on, what man wouldn’t want a woman who could just grease her hand with questionable hair gel and be ready to go out? Not only ready, but gorgeous. Let’s not forget Jim’s love interest, Michelle, from "American Pie" and her adventures at band camp. For years, people who watched the movie were unable to look at a clarinet (or apple pie) the same way. I’m fairly certain it was that story which changed her from the dorky band geek to girlfriend (and three movies later, wife) material.    

Movies aren’t the only medium where raunchy humor thrives. The Lonely Island, a comedic band, had an infectious hit called "I Just Had Sex." This song had lyrics which pretty much speak for themselves: "I just had sex /And it felt so good (felt so good)/A woman let me put my penis inside her (her)/I just had sex (Hey!)/And I'll never go back (never go back)/To the not-having-sex /Ways of the past." It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the majority of The Lonely Island’s audience is men.

A unique project is coming on the horizon by photographer Shiloh Strong called “Dirty Minds.” The Dirty Minds Project is a series of portraits of models acting out the literal representations of various sexual puns, or "play on words." “Dirty Minds” will soon be a coffee table book with several prints displayed in the Kinsey Institute Gallery (    

This is not to say that men are emotionally stunted or unable to appreciate the complexity of love, but they understand life is a lot easier when you can laugh at it, and the media geared toward them reflects this. It’s certainly not to say all these forms of entertainment are practical, or should be emulated. (Or, if you do, make sure that musical instrument is clean.) However, maybe if women took a cue from men in this regard, they’d have more luck with them. One more observation from just about any media is that no matter how comfortable/confident/ happy/funny the women portrayed are, for the most part, they’re also beautiful. The good news, as is shown with Michelle and Mary, is that beauty can be more quirky than traditional. So, as evidenced by male-targeted media, men want a woman who can see the beauty and humor in being herself.