The 10 Spring Fashion Dos And Don'ts For Date Night

lacey schwimmer crop top
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How to wear the trickiest fashion trends on your date without getting them wrong.

Some trendy fashion pieces seem like they come with "Runway Only" signs plastered across the fronts. In non-runway life, they're tricky. And scary. Basically, they're intimidating to the point where no matter how pretty you think they are, you tend to throw them back on the shelf at the store and walk away feeling like you dodged a bullet: Phew! I almost wasted money on that thing I'd never wear!

Well, no more, ladies. You can wear trendy items. You just need to learn how to avoid a few pitfalls along the way. I'm about to get you so hooked on the spring season's hottest looks, you'll want to take them for a whirl the next time you have a date. I apologize to your wallet in advance, since you'll probably be plucking new clothes off shelves like mad now...

1. Crop Tops

Do: Wear a floaty, off-the-shoulder silhouette to highlight your dainty collarbone, showing your guy a flash of skin in just the right place.

Don't: Show too much midriff. We know it seems like an oxymoron to wear a crop top without showing your middle, but trust us. Unless it's just hint of belly, like Dancing With The Stars' Lacey Schwimmer, pictured, that's not what this trend is all about. Pair the piece with high-waisted, dark-wash jeans that are fitted through the hips and flare out toward the hem for a sense of proportion.

2. Maxi Dresses

Do: Choose a rich color, like purple or blue, and keep it monochromatic. The maxi length is a perfect piece for date night, because you can dress it up with wedges for dinner, or wear simple sandals if you decide to take a stroll on the sand with your man. Women Willing To Give Up Sex For A Better-Dressed Guy

Don't: Wear horizontal stripes. In fact, avoid them at all costs. This pattern will widen you, and the maxi dress is a big piece of fabric as it is... so, just say no.

3. Underwear as Outerwear

Do: Let just a hint of your pretty lace, corset-style bra peek out beneath a sheer blouse in a dark shade. It'll drive your guy wild. Tuck your top into belted, high-waisted shorts and wear nude heels to create the long-and-lean leg effect.

Don't: Overexpose. If you're not careful, this trend can go from cute to crazy real fast. Always make sure you're covered up with a sheer piece. You're exuding a classy sense of sex appeal, not walking out of the house in a bra and panties.

4. Wide-leg Pants

Do: Go masculine meets feminine. Steal your boyfriend's button-down and tuck it into your wide-leg jeans. Pair with stilettos in a rich red and an animal-print bag for a major statement. This look is whatever you want it to be—flirty, casual, dressed-up, sassy—and shows you're completely comfortable in your own skin.

Don't: Forget the proportion. Since the pants are wide, you need to go sleek, streamlined and fitted on top to avoid looking like your clothes are swallowing you up. And heels are a must. This Just In: What Your SHOES Reveal About You On A First Date

5. Mixed Prints

Do: Infuse some fun personality into your date-night look with shots of prints. Pair a sleeveless, polka-dot top in black with a floral skirt for some sophisticated frills. This style is tough to master, so show your date you're a sartorial force-to-be-reckoned-with. Proceed to work it accordingly.

Don't: Stray from cohesive colors. If you work outside the black + a color idea when you're mixing prints, make sure you're threading a single hue throughout the look, like a base palette of red or blue. You can't just thrown any old prints together. Instead of chic, you'll look sloppy. And no date will like the sloppy look!