David Arquette Not Bothered By Courteney Cox's Trip With Co-Star

David Arquette

Maybe he should worry, but Arquette doesn't seem concerned about his ex's recent getaway.

Cougar Town star Courteney Cox enjoyed a little bit of seaside fun in St. Barts with costar Josh Hopkins and some friends recently, and while we're sure most exes would be less-than-thrilled to hear something like this, David Arquette's feathers aren't the least bit ruffled. Courtney Cox Opens Up About Her Split With David Arquette

"She went away to St. Bart's with Coco and her best friend and Josh from the show, and I know about all of this. But these tabloids make it like there's some kind of scandal going on. But there's no scandal," Arquette told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Monday morning.

Though the couple is still separated, Arquette claims he and Cox remain the best of friends, even while she frolics on tropical beaches with her "strictly platonic" friend, Hopkins.

"We're really honest and open," Arquette said. "Our relationship right now is actually better than ever." David Arquette Wants A Baby With Drew Barrymore...Sort Of

We hope he's right and that the couple is making improvements in their relationship for their daughter Coco's sake, even if they don't end up back together. Granted, it'll probably take more than being "best friends" for the two to fix Cox's previous feelings of being Arquette's "mother." And we're pretty sure Cox hasn't forgotten the post-separation radio rant Arquette made on air with Howard Stern before entering rehab for alcohol addiction and other issues.

"We both took a moment to look at our relationship," he said. "For me, I used it in a bad way to act out and kind of shake my world up because I was heartbroken. I dealt with it in the way I had to because I believe in learning from [my] mistakes," Arquette said. He does seem to have learned at least one thing from his prior mistakes: boozing it up and running your mouth on live radio isn't the best way to solve marital problems. Hopefully his newfound peace in his relationship with Cox is permanent; the two took Coco to Walt Disney World in Florida after Cox's Caribbean vacation, proving that they can at least put their differences aside for their child'’s sake. David Arquette Wants Courteney Cox Back

Photo via INF.