Jessica Biel Gives Away Expensive Reminders Of Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake
Buzz, Heartbreak

The actress is gifting her friends with Rolex watches and lots of diamonds that JT gave her.

Y'know when you break up with someone and everything you look at produces a memory of your ex? Jessica Biel is so experiencing that dreaded part of Splitsville right now.

In order to get through it unscathed, the actress is starting a bit of a campaign to let go of every last reminder of Justin Timberlake—including giving away thousands of dollars worth of gifts JT gave her during their relationship.

Some of the items she's forked over to others so far? A $9,000 Rolex watch to her assistant. A $10,000 diamond bracelet to her producing partner. And even a pair of one-carat diamond earrings. Being Jess' friend right now? Not too shabby.

Jessica's relationship with Justin ended several weeks ago after four long years. Their flame finally fizzled after tons of rumors that JT had been cheating on Jess for quite some time with many different women. Of course, that has to make the sting of the split even sharper, so we can hardly blame the girl for wanting to rid herself of Justin for good. /node/73589

However, we sorta feel as though we would have kept all the sparkly diamonds (maybe just locked them away and out of sight for a few months while we soldiered on through breakup recovery). After all the runnin' around JT allegedly did on Jess, the expensive jewels are basically her consolation prize, right?

Well, they should help ease the pain, anyway...

Photo Source: INF