Awesomest Of The Web: Sexy Dreams & Nice Guys

Plus dating multiple guys and the most common problems couples therapists see.

Let's get it on, webizens. Here's the awesomest the web had to offer in love and relationships.

Ever have some really outstanding sex dreams and been a little flummoxed about what it really meant? Well, on some level you really do want to bone Edward James Olmos (it can't be just me) but Em & Lo ( explain what the 10 most common sex dreams mean.

Where there's sexy, there's fire. Trust me. Betty Confidential wants to breakdown the difference between sexy and regular old sex appeal. Believe me, the distinction exists.

Nice guys often have to earn sexiness. Good Men Project has a piece on nice guys that ginned up it's share of peanut gallery heckling. Come for the article, stay for the donnybrook. 12 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Nice Guys Just Don't Get The Girl

Some nice guys play head games too. College Candy has a pretty mind-bubbling tale of a guy playing ultra hot and cold. That's how you pick up the sniffles, brah.

And some people advocate that the ladies play games too. A common way to scoop up THE ONE is by dating multiple guys. The Frisky has a take on how to juggle a few dudes without being shady. Good luck.

Whilst we're blowing up the rails on the shady train*, Gawker has a story of a men who got a STI when visiting Africa, gave it to his wife and she's not even mad. It turns out a god-dang mosquito got him. Really interesting story.

Maybe it's not a flying factory of disease but breakups are, evidently, able to cause physical pain. Modern Man has a fantastic chart matching emotional pain to its corresponding physical equivalent.

Emily Gordon, for the Huffington Post, has a great post on what happens when you know, in your heart of palms, that you're marriage is not going to make it before your wedding. You know you have to return the gifts if you don't make it a year, right?

MyDaily has a piece on the top five problems that relationship therapists bump into. My guess: a husband who doesn't think it's fair for him to give you a check for taking his wife's side for 50 minutes.

Maybe younger guys will be more into therapy. If so, that's just one of many reasons to date a younger fella. Glo has another fistful of reasons to find yourself a Harold and make a go of it.

Keep in mind that a younger fellow could be a worthwhile pull. Nerve has a review/ newser on a site that calls it the eBay of online dating. Don't scam someone or you'll get a bad review, friendly.

And sometimes a good date means filling in some of the chipped paint. Bad Online Dates wonders, aloud, "should wear Spanx on a date?" Spanx are usually for after a date. Hmmmmm.

*Note: I know that line is "going off the rails on a crazy train," my favorite baseball player has been coming to bat accompanied by that song for nearly 20 years.

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