Nikki Reed Is Dating 'American Idol' Hopeful Paul McDonald

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald

The Twilight star has developed a taste for 'American Idol' blood.

Look out—cultural phenomena are colliding! It seems that Twilight star Nikki Reed has traded in sparkly vampires for the sparkly teeth of quirky American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. When the two recently met at the Red Riding Hood premiere, Nikki was immediately smitten and gushed at Paul that he was "amazing." As for Paul, he had no idea who Nikki was! (What? You mean he's never seen the Lifetime classic, Mini's First Time??) Still, Paul was obviously quite taken with Nikki, as the two quickly began dating

Well...sort of. Because of their busy schedules, Paul and Nikki haven't had a chance to date IRL, so they've just been Skyping each other. However, a source told E! that Nikki is already calling Paul her "boyfriend."  Love Bytes: Dating Through Technology

Nikki's co-star Peter Facinelli has even been supporting Paul's Idol dreams, recently asking his nearly two million Twitter followers to vote for Nikki's new man. Not surprisingly, Paul was safe this week. With the Twi-Hards behind him, he could be unstoppable! 

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