Is Engagement Looming For Britney Spears?

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Husband #3 might be on the horizon for the pop princess, who says she's "never been happier."

In 2004, Britney Spears sent shockwaves through her flocks of fans when she did a quickie Vegas wedding to Jason Alexander. (This was before the shaved head phase, obvis, when "shocking" and "Britney" became synonymous for a while.) And who could forget the days of K-Fed? Yet these days, Brit-Brit is way more settled and loving her committed relationship to agent Jason Trawick—maybe so much that she's willing to make a lifelong commitment. According to US Weekly, the third time could just be the charm for the Femme Fetale diva, who says she has "never been happier."

"[Jason] was someone she felt she could be her true self with. [Marriage] is what they talk about and the direction they're going in," a source told US. And Britney gave a coy semi-confirmation when asked if a wedding was nigh, saying, "Maybe! Never say never." Britney Spears Seen Wearing Engagement Ring

And much like our dear Reese Witherspoon and her recently betrothed, it seems that Trawick fits well into Spears' brood of boys. In March, the two were spotted cheering on her son Sean Preston at his Little League game, and Trawick appeared to be tight with the whole Spears clan (especially Ms. Brit!). Whether or not marriage is on the immediate horizon, it's pretty clear that Spears is finally getting her life back on track—and we think it's nice to see her hitting a high note!

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