Angelina Jolie: And Tattoo Makes Seven?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Angie's mysterious new tattoo has tongues wagging about her possible adoption plans.

When Angelina Jolie recently started sporting new ink on her arm, speculation launched full force that she and Mr. Pitt might be adopting once again. After all, the svelte starlet already has six symbolic lines tattooed on her arm—one for each of their children. Each line correlates with the geographic map coordinates for their birthplaces (i.e. Cambodia for Maddox, Ethopia for Zahara, Namibia for Shiloh, etc.) Fueling the fire was the fact that the coordinates for the new tattoo match with Tunisia. After all, Angie recently visited refugees near the Tunisia-Libya border as a UNHCR ambassador, and we all know Angie's affinity for adopting babies from exotic faraway places. So a new tattoo clearly means a new Tunisian baby for the brood, right?

Not exactly. The map coordinates also show the latitudinal/longitudinal position of Brad Pitt's birthplace, Oklahoma—which seems a much more likely tattoo tribute! According to In Touch, Angelina's most recent tat is meant to pay homage to her lasting commitment to the former "Sexiest Man Alive," as well as cement the globe-trotting couple's recent decision to stay put in Los Angeles to raise their family. Brad Pitt's Parents Are Moving In With The Family

"She got the seventh line right around the time she and Brad moved the kids back to LA,” an inside source told In Touch, citing the timing as proof of the tattoo's real meaning.

Whatever the truth is about the tattoo, we're guessing that the act of Brangelina settling down will likely lead to some new faces in the flock at some point or another. Standby, tattoo artists of Hollywood!

Photo credit: INF