Royal Wedding Stamp Tears Kate Middleton and Prince William Apart

new zealand royal wedding stamp splits kate middleton prince william

New Zealand's royal wedding stamp has an unfortunate design flaw.

Let's hope that the royal couple doesn't believe in omens, because the stamp New Zealand created to commemorate the Royal Wedding has one major design flaw: a perforated line running down the middle so that Kate Middleton and Prince William can literally be torn apart.

The stamp features the royal couple's engagement photo, and it can be torn in half and used as two stamps. (When used separately, Kate's half costs $2.4 where as Prince William's costs $3.4).

Hugh Jefferies, editor of Gibbons Stamp Month, told The Telegraph the stamp is "embarrassing" and whoever designed it "will have egg on their face and someone's head will roll." Yikes. 8 Hilarious Royal Wedding Souvenirs—Buy Yours Now!

Buckingham Palace has to approve these stamps before distribution so Jefferies thinks the stamp was presented to the palace without the perforated line in place.

Even so, this isn't the first time a royal stamp has been poorly designed. When Charles and Diana got married, their stamp pictured the couple facing away from each other. I'm not very much into poker, but this would be considered a royal flush, no? Royal Wedding: Will Kate Middleton Always Live Diana's Shadow?

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