Kate Middleton Pressured to Sign Prenup

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Divorce lawyers are predicting a grim fate for the royal couple before they have even said "I do."

The royal family is known for many things, but having long lasting marriages isn't one of them (at least the first time). And reportedly, the former royal first ladies are now barely making bank. Is Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding Cursed?

Princess Diana was able to secure 17 million pounds but had to give up her HRH title, while the Dutchess of York was given a measly £15,000 (about $24,000) a year after her divorce. Therefore, it isn't surprising that UK divorce lawyers are pressuring Kate Middleton and Prince William to sign a prenup in order to save Kate from facing a similar fate.

Sure, it isn't exactly romantic, but with $467 million dollars at stake (William's estimated inheritance), is putting your trust in your relationship worth the risk?

"It's an absolute statistical no-brainer that a prenuptial agreement would be highly beneficial in this case," said divorce lawyer James Stewart from the firm Manches.

Even though Kate is no pauper, the prenup would make sure she'd be able to keep up the lifestyle she's used too. But would the public even know if an agreement was made?

Experts agree that the royal family wouldn't want word getting out, with the prenup most likely including a gagging clause.

"Kate is joining a family known as 'The Firm', and every other employee of the royal household has a contract of employment which includes a fairly severe gagging clause," Stewart noted via news.com.au.

So far there's been no comment from Prince William or his family. Although celebrity divorce lawyer Raymond Tooth notes that Kate and William have been together for several years, and don't necessarily need such an agreement, it sounds as if a prenup might be the perfect wedding gift for Kate if William wants to make sure his princess is going to be taken care of, no matter what happens in the future.