Hugh Hefner Will Wed Crystal Harris Without A Prenup

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris
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Hef reportedly has no plans to ask his soon-to-be wife to sign a prenuptial agreement.

The Playboy Mansion is being prepped for a wedding on June 18. Along with picking out a cake, choosing the decorations and finalizing the ceremony details, there's just one other topic you'd imagine would need to be broached before the over-the-top extravaganza can truly begin—but a certain someone is staying mum.

With a mere 10 weeks to go before his big day, Hugh Hefner has not touched on the subject of a prenuptial agreement with his soon-to-be wife, 24-year-old Crystal Harris. And according to sources, he has no plans to do so. For us, this is definitely a shocker. Big Surprise: Hugh Hefner to Wed Playmate

Hef is worth an estimated $43 million. At 84, he's also getting up there in years. Without a prenup, Crystal is set to receive a good portion of his massive estate. We've got to ask: What will has four children think of that little situation?

According to Celebitchy, Hef says he "actually cares" about his bride-to-be and doesn't want to hurt her feelings by asking her to sign that all-important document protecting his assets. And apparently, Crystal is fairly certain Hugh isn't going to ask her about a prenup before the wedding, paving the way for her to inherit a pretty penny. Holly Madison Is Upset About Hugh Hefner's Engagement

We've got to shake our heads at this news. There's just so much at stake. Hopefully Hef's kids step in and make him realize that he'd better think long and hard about this whole marriage-sans-prenup thing before making the decision to not bring it up at all. If we were his kids, we'd have to insist on that.

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