Rock Star Writes A Love Song For His Future Wife. Aww.


An interview with Ryan Ogren about his Runner Runner single '(I Can't Wait) Be My Wife.'

It's arguably every girl's fantasy to date a rock star, and when said rock star writes a love ballad about you and your upcoming nuptials, well, that's as close to girl porn as you can get. Ryan Ogren—lead singer of Southern Californian band Runner Runner— wrote his hit single "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)," an ode to his fiancee, as a wedding night song for the pair's upcoming wedding this summer in the Dominican Republic. The song, included on Runner Runner's self-titled debut album, is intimate and balmy, with lyrics like "I won't let you go/I need you to know/you are my heart forever."

Rather than bring in a splashy director to recreate an edgy, celluloid love romance video, Ogren instead hopped on an empty stage after one of the band's gigs and recorded it himself on his iPhone. The video's been making its way around YouTube, and has added a new starry-eyed wrinkle to the band's pop punk image.

We sat down with Ogren to get the background story about he, his fiancee, Tara, and how he knew she was the one

1.) How long have you and Tara been together? We went to high school together. We're from the same small town in New Jersey. We've been together off and on for 4 or 5 years. When I moved to California, we split up and then got back together.

2.) How did you propose? I was living in California at the time and was home for the holidays. Her dad is out of the picture and I really wanted her to be with her family when we got engaged. We were staying at her mother's house in New Jersey and on Christmas morning I got out the ring, which I'd wrapped in a small box, buried in a series of bigger boxes. While she was opening the box, I got down on one knee. She said "yes," and went in and hugged her mom and told her the news. Her whole family was involved, and I wanted her to be able to share it with them. Waiting For A Marriage Proposal? Advice You Need

3.) What was the moment you knew she was the one for you? Oh, such a good question. We'd been dating for a while and I just realized that she'd always believed in me as a songwriter and producer, and it's not that easy to be a guy in a band, traveling constantly with parties and girls, to find a partner who trusts you. A couple of months before I proposed, I was traveling and away from her and I realized I didn't want to be away from this person and if I was, I wanted to make sure she's there when I get back.

4.) How did you get the idea for this song? I write a lot of love songs, it's pretty much all I write, so the love songs come naturally for me. I wanted to do something for my wedding, play a special song. I was actually going to Las Vegas to play for a radio station, and told the VJ "I'm going to bring Tara because she's part of my team." He said, "Wow, you're really excited about her!" and I said "Dude, I can't wait for her to be my wife" and he said "you should write a song about that!" and then it just clicked in my head and I immediately began writing the lyrics. 

Watch the video below: