Katherine Heigl's Mother Is Meddling In Her Marriage

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley
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Is Katherine Heigl's meddling mother causing problems in her relationship with Josh Kelley?

Looks like Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley may be stuck in the unsexiest type of threesome of all: husband, wife...and mommy dearest. According to the National Enquirer, Heigl's mom (and momager) Nancy is driving a wedge between the former Grey's Anatomy star and her hottie musician hubby.

"Josh is a patient guy, but he’s fed up playing second fiddle to his mother-in-law,” says Enquirer's source (via Celebitchy). “Nancy lives around the corner from Katherine and Josh in her own place, but she spends so much time at their home that she may as well move in. She often stays overnight and knocks on their door pretty much every day she’s in town.”

That sounds like a tad too much togetherness, especially for a couple that's only been married three years and probably relishes their private moments—especially as a pair of celebrities. Apparently, Heigl's mom even goes on vacations with the couple!

“Josh told Katherine that they need more quality time together—without her mother,” added the source. “He demanded Katherine spend more time with him and less with Nancy—period. He loves his mother-in-law, but this is a real problem for him and it’s becoming a major issue in their marriage.... Josh feels as if he’s married two women: Katherine and her mom.”

So why the Teflon act? Turns out it's not just a family thing, but a business thing. Heigl's mom is not only her manager (move over, Kris Jenner and Papa Joe!), but also her producing partner, sometimes agent, and biz consultant. And when she's not doing the Hollywood thing, she's probably playing grandma to adopted granddaughter Naleigh. Sounds like this "second wife" won't be going anywhere any time soon! Katherine Heigl And Husband Introduce Daughter

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