Awesomest Of The Web: Blind Dates & Curing Divorce

blind date

Plus forgetting wedding rings and the geometry of beauty.

I hope you're having a terrible April 1st. April Fools! I hope it's great!

I felt best was played-out, this is the awesomest that the web has to offer about love and relationships: has seven personalities that you don't want to date. Now banging one of these undateables after a wedding… different story altogether.

The crew at College Candy (by an Elizabeth from Berkeley but not Elizabeth Berkeley) has five scary facts about sex acts and birth control. Um, are any of these scarier than the fact that antibiotics can negate birth control. Also, great reason not to ever rim someone unless you know them really, really well because you're going to know them really, really, really well after.

Speaking of gross business, BadOnlineDates has a first-person essay about the grossy-grossmen she's dated. I think it's worth pointing out that some ladies aren't perfect too. Not anyone who would read this blog, mind you, but some ladies.

Yep, imperfect ladies. In a study that should've been published in Duh! Magazine we learn that women are more into men who don't seem interested in them. Read more of these riveting findings at Betty Confidential.

In a MUCH better study, Jezebel reveals the cure to the largely fictional malady Restless Leg Syndrome is masturbating. Man, am I glad someone invented RLS. Outside of hysterical blindness, porn addiction, palm hair and shame, is there anything that masturbating can't fix?

While we're discussing blindness, Nerve has a tail of potential webbed feet that begins with a couple of people being set up and (hopefully) ends with the revelation that they are siblings. I think this happened in my favorite movie ever EuroTrip.

Slightly better than dating your own brother (note: we call tying in sports "kissing your sister"), is dating Peter Pan. Evidently, women and fuddy duds think men are having a hard time growing up these days and MyDaily has 6 ways of being able to tell if he's a man-child.

Is a man-child more likely to get divorced? Good Men Project has a man with a plan for inoculating his young marriage against divorce. I'd say not giving your spouse Hep C is a good start.

Would putting less pressure on your marriage help? Would not having rings make it a little less in-your-face? The Frisky wonders if forgetting the rings is a trend and I wonder if it's a good thing.

Ever meet a dude with a dog and wonder how tight they are? Glo has a photo gallery about what a man's choice of best friend says about him.

And, finally, Dr. Vivian Diller, for the Huffington Post, wants to discuss the mathematics of attractiveness and wonders what makes someone beautiful… only if she's 5'3".

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