Courteney Cox Goes On A Caribbean Vacation With Her Co-Star

Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins
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Cox and her rumored flame hit the beach for a little getaway with the actress' daughter, Coco.

Might a love triangle be heating up the set of Cougar Town?

According to PopEater, Courteney Cox was caught frolicking in the Caribbean sun with her co-star, Josh Hopkins, on Tuesday. Although the two have spent time in tropical locations for the series, Cox's publicist said this little getaway was all about relaxation with no work involved. Court's six-year-old daughter, Coco, was also spotted having fun in the surf with her mom and Hopkins.

Up until now, the former Friends actress has been linked to another one of her hot, onscreen leading men, Brian Van Holt (who you might also remember as the Cougar actor Courteney's husband David Arquette accused her of having an emotional affair with). So, what was she doing vacationing in St. Barts with another guy? Her rep aimed to clear things up. Courteney Cox & David Arquette: It's Over

"The relationship is strictly platonic and they are away with a group of friends on vacation," Courteney's rep said in a statement. OK, props for trying to stifle our curiosity, but this situation still seems super-weird to us.

We have to ask: How many people go on getaways with their "strictly platonic" hot, single, male co-stars? And with their daughters, no less? The scenario seems a little more cozy than Court's rep is letting on.

On the other hand, the actress just sat down with Harper's Bazaar for their April issue and told the mag how important Van Holt, not Hopkins, has been to her in recent months. "He's a great guy, and he's definitely been a part of my support system," she revealed. Courteney Cox Is 'In Love' With Brian Van Holt

Then, of course, there's Court's estranged husband. She's confessed before that she still has deep feelings for David, and with all their history, those don't just go away overnight.

So, we can't be sure who has Courteney's affections at the moment. It's all a bit confusing. But as befuddled as we are, we realize the small-screen star has is far worse, because it looks like a twisted love triangle is surfacing... or if you count Arquette, love square. Eek.  

Photo Source: INF