Borderline Obsessed With The Royal Wedding? This Site's For You

prince william kate middleton

One website idolizes Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's big day.

If the intense media coverage surrounding the upcoming nuptials of British royal Prince William to Kate Middleton aren't enough to feed your royal-wedding appetite, relationship website has everything you did—and didn't—need to know surrounding the ceremony.

Aside from counting down to the big day on April 29, the site rounds up every bit of news surrounding the couple, covering everything from their daily whereabouts and wedding-cake choices to Kate's distant relation to one of America's founding fathers. For those with princess-envy who just can't get enough of the royal engagement frenzy, here are our six favorite facts and features on the wedding-obsessed site.

1. Kate is related to nearly everyone. The New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston has released an entire book detailing Kate's ancestry, revealing that she is an eighth cousin seven times removed from George Washington. The American historical ties don't stop there—she is also a distant cousin of Francis Scott Key, famous for writing the Star Spangled Banner. And, in an interesting turn, Kate is also the 14th cousin twice removed of none other than her fiancé himself, Prince William.

2. Stamp collectors, start your engines! The buzzed-about royal couple will have stamps commemorating their engagement and wedding released on April 21, the Queen's birthday. Two of the official engagement photos will be displayed; a more casual shot for first-class stamps, and a more formal image for a £1.19 stamp. So if you can't be there person, you can seal them in your stamp collection as a permanent keepsake, if you're into that sort of thing.

3. A royal tour-de-farce. While the real Kate and Prince William are busy planning the wedding, the folks at 2forCouples are busy photo-shopping their engagement picture into random locations across the globe for a "Where in the World?" feature. So far the false trail has led them through Toronto, Vancouver and Las Vegas, with the Big Apple being rumored as the next stop on their unofficial tour.

4. You're invited! (Sort of.) Since actual invitations were sent only to the elite (like Kanye West), 2forCouples has made its own e-invitation to the televised event, listing the entire wedding party and the airing schedule for time zones from New York to Sydney (it will air at 2 a.m. in Abu Dhabi, if you're curious). Added bonus: you can even sign the "royal guest book" and send warm wishes of congratulations to the couple. Prince William & Kate Invited Kanye West To Their Wedding

5. A royal wedding iPad app. For the admirer who can't devote hours to refreshing the 2forCouples home page, a free Royal Wedding 2011 application is available from iTunes, promising the latest news, insider info and fun facts surrounding the festivities. 8 Hilarious Royal Wedding Souvenirs—Buy Yours Now!

6. Can't join Kate and Will on their big day? BE them! And, for those with serious prince and princess envy, an ultimate couple's kit is up for grabs for the couple that most emulates Prince William and Kate through photo. Suggested poses include running from the paparazzi, practicing royal waves and re-enacting Charles and Di's famous balcony kiss.

What are you doing to keep up with the royal nuptials?