Charlie Sheen Flips Out On Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen Denise Richards

The actor lashes out on his ex about a dog on Twitter. But is there more to it than the pooch?

Oh Charlie Sheen! Since his infamous interview on "Good Morning America", he's somehow completely managed to make headlines a million times over. Between his "bi-winning" comment, to his life with his Goddesses, kissing Jimmy Kimmel and his upcoming tour, it's been quite the ride. But guess that wasn't enough, now that he's opted to attack his ex Denise Richards on Twitter over their dogs — well, her dogs really.

What the heck, you wonder? So do we! Apparently, Charlie took to Twitter on Monday morning, calling Denise a "dog thief" and a "whore," because she took back two pugs in his care. His exact words? "We must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH -neese POOR-ARD. A VILE KIDNAPPER AND NOW DOG THIEF. HATE."

OUCH! But as we understand, the dogs were actually Denise's, a source told Popeater. She'd had them since before they got married. However, according to TMZ, during their divorce, she left them with Charlie so their daughters would be able to play with them when they spent time with their dad.

That sounds pretty civil if you ask us. But after his infamous NYC drama, the dogs made it back to Denise. And even though Charlie's tirade will lead the world to believe she stole them like a thief in the night, looks like some sources close to the situation are contending that he actually gave them back to her.

Whatever the case, it seems that this didn't end well for one of the dogs. One of the dogs has died of malnutrition since being returned to her. (And that bums us out since we're a pet-friendly bunch)

Now Charlie flips out on Twitter and we wonder: why does he now care about the dogs that seem to have been mistreated in his care? Well, according to TMZ, it's because he wants the dog that's still alive to be a mascot during his upcoming tour that starts in April. 

Ahhh… THAT sounds like Charlie! How dare she take his "winning" mascot?! And besides, it seems that Charlie's ready to start a war if he feels he's been offended, something that a source close to Charlie contends.

All we can say is that we don't get it. Wasn't he just praising her during his slew of interviews a short while back? In his words, he called her "fabulous" and "hot" and said he just "loved her to death."

In any case, we're proud of Denise for sticking to her guns and not buckling. And, according to the source that talked to Popeater, she intends to be civil. They do, after all, have two kids together.

We guess it's just another day in his world and the fierce Tiger Blood running through his veins. But, it blows that he's burned a bridge with one of his few remaining allies.

Sigh, Charlie. Whatever will you get yourself into next?


Photo Credit: INF