Rihanna And Chris Brown To Reunite For An ABC Interview?

Rihanna and Chris Brown performing
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After Chris' epic 'Good Morning America' meltdown, the network wants him to sit down with RiRi.

ABC will not be suing Chris Brown for busting up the Good Morning America studios.

In case you missed it, Brown destroyed a good portion of his dressing room after an interview on GMA last week, during which he was asked about his legal woes following the Rihanna assault in 2009. The network is letting him off the hook for the damage, and also allowing him to continue with his Dancing with the Stars performance next week. Chris Brown's Good Morning America Meltdown

At first we thought, Wow, ABC is so forgiving! But as it turns out, there may be strings attached to all this said forgiveness. The network would like a little somethin' in return. Are we going to see a Chris Brown reality show?! No. (Bummer.) According to E! Online, ABC has a different idea.

"What's far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time," said a top-level source from inside the network. Oh... Wait—seriously?

Since the restraining order between RiRi and Chris was recently reduced, it would be possible for the two entertainers to do a sit-down interview to discuss their issues. But, still. We can't help but think that would be pretty uncomfortable (or, you know, squirm-inducing levels of awkward), considering everything that's gone down. Apparently, Diane Sawyer thinks so, too. After getting Rihanna to open up about the abuse a couple years back, ABC knows the legend would not exactly be game for this interview. However, they have another plan. Chris Brown Restraining Order Downgraded

"No, she would never do it," the insider said of Sawyer, but that's not stopping the network. "It would be Robin [Roberts]. It's all about the ratings. At all other costs."

Sure, a Rihanna-and-Chris special would totally draw in the masses, but we can't imagine that putting RiRi in a room with someone experiencing violent fits of rage over her will create a healthy environment. Yikes, ABC.

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