Prince Harry Throws Prince William A Secret Bachelor Party

Prince Harry

The stag party reportedly involved motorboats and alcohol, always a good combination.

With the royal wedding of the century just weeks away, groom-to-be Prince William indulged in a pre-wedding tradition that even commoners enjoy: his bachelor party. (Or, as it's known in Britain, a "stag" party.) Although the official royal spokesman kept details of the boy's night out under wraps, we do know that William's best man, Prince Harry, threw the shindig, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that there was reportedly a lot of drinking involved.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William, Harry, and a "posse" of 20 friends, including Kate Middleton's brother, waterskiied and raced motorboats in the south of England, and then followed all of that healthy, physical activity with a drunken pub crawl before passing out at retiring to a "sprawling, country manor." What's not clear is what kind of shenanigans went down at this so-called country manor, but knowing Prince Harry (this is the guy that once sported a Nazi uniform as a costume, after all), we wouldn't be surprised if there weren't any strippers hired for the party.

Meanwhile, while William was partying in the country, Kate Middleton stayed in London with her sister (and maid of honor) Pippa and threw herself even further into the wedding plans. Prince William & Kate Invited Kanye West To Their Wedding

"Apparently there is still much to organize and sign-off," said a friend of the princess bride to US Magazine. "This is the first week that Kate's started to feel a little nervous. Time is ticking!"

With all that needs to be done, we hope Kate still manages to squeeze in time for her own bachelorette party! (And if Pippa doesn't make her wear a tiara, we will be sorely disappointed.)

Photo Credit: INF