Divorce Rates Increasing In Rural America

Couple standing in a field

For the first time ever, country couples now divorcing at same rate as city couples.

If you've been thinking of rural America as an escape from the divorce-crazy hoards living in the city, boy are you wrong. MyDaily: Has The Rise of Women Turned Men Into Boys?

According to an analysis of census data by The New York Times, for the first time people living in rural America are just as likely to be divorced as people who live in big cities.

Since 1990, Americans with a college education have become much more likely to get and stay married than those without one, and rural areas have fallen behind urban ones in terms of education, with one in six urban residents having a college education, as opposed to one in three residents of rural areas. MyDaily: Couples Want More Sex, Study Says

At the same time, women in rural areas have also started getting educated, going to work and starting families, leaving men in a place where they might have less to offer than what we've all been brought up to expect. MyDaily: For Women, Regrets About Love Top The List

These circumstances, along with a stigma attached to divorce that is rapidly shrinking, have all contributed to the increase in divorce rates in rural America.

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Written by Emerald Catron for MyDaily

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