Why Does Black Marriage Have Its Own Day?

black couple married wedding day

A look at the history of Black Marriage Day.

Black Marriage Day is Sunday, March 27. As we started talking about the day around the YourTango offices, we wondered: why isn't there a Hispanic Marriage Day? A Caucasian Marriage Day? An Asian-Pacific-Islander-Caucasian-Black Marriage Day? Couldn't all races and combinations thereof in this country use a day focused on promoting healthy, happy marriages?

So we put writer Amanda Green to work answering the question: What's Black Marriage Day all about, exactly?

In "6 Things You Should Know About Black Marriage," Green reports that Nisa Muhammad, founder of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, created Black Marriage Day in 2002 to spread the word about the benefits that marriage brings to black families and communities. On Sunday, local communities around the country will host pro-marriage events like seminars and movie screenings aimed at getting marriage onto more and more black minds.

"Black people have the lowest marriage rates in the country," Muhammad told Green. "Too many of our children are denied the gift of a two-parent family. Black men make more money and can bring women and children out of poverty, and marriage is the safest place for women and children, in terms of domestic violence and abuse. Communities with strong marriages have better schools, higher property values and lower crime. The recidivism rate for black men drops significantly when they get married, too. Marriage and crime don't seem to mix." "The Secret To Our Marriage" (From 25 Couples Married 15+ Years)

When she puts it that way, kinda makes you want to walk down the aisle ASAP, doesn't it?