Best Of The Web: Too Big & Fake Girlfriends

fake girlfriend

Plus dumpable offenses, regrets and regaining trust.

And the first quarter is almost over. Anyone still rocking a New Year's Resolution other than not to have any more resolutions? Yeah, sameroo. That said, let's get on with the best the webs has to offer on love AND relationships.

First off, a great piece about instantly fire-able offenses for girlfriends from the fellows at Very Smart Brothas (oh yeah, if you're so smart, why did you misspell "brothers"?). I'd like to add, "telling your friends about very real, very embarrassing and very much told-in-confidence secrets" would be the fastest cause for termination.

Now this is a problem you could tell your friends about… over at, a reader has a problem with her guy's prodigious wang. What would you do? Oh, you're such a Samantha.

Maybe it's not having enough sex with a large dong is part of it but according to My Daily women list love mistakes as their biggest regrets.

I wonder faking it was ever a major regret, if so Good Men Project's Hugo Schwyzer has your back. He thinks ladies shouldn't fake orgasms. And I think that's great, in theory, in the same way communism or an A-Team remake are great in theory.

Speaking of fake, Gawker has a crazy story of a modern-day fake Japanese girlfriend. Essentially, social media has made having a fake girlfriend so difficult to maintain that honesty may be the best policy.

The Korean Veronica Mars who figured this fake girlfriend scheme out may have super powers BUT you can too. Single Edition has five tips on how any old woman can date like a super woman.

While Super Woman isn't one of them, Stacy Morrison, writing for Huffington Post, has five friends who you need to muddle through a divorce. Hah-hah, trick question, you only need Dina Lohan.

Over at Ask Men, they have one piece of advice: Don't date a next-door neighbor. I take it a step further, never meet your neighbors. This post has allowed me to coin the term "ex-door neighbor," so good things.

More guy advice! College Candy asks their resident dude how to regain a guy's trust after banging his best bud. Um, see that post from Very Smart Brothas.

And more advice-givers, Glo has a great first person essay about a woman who went on a date with a dating coach. Sounds like a real lesson in the old adage "those who can't do it, teach it."

Speaking of sour grapes, Nerve has a little political 411 on a man in Alaska trying to make premarital sex illegal. I think we can all agree that if we outlaw premarital sex, only the outlaws will be having premarital sex. Am I right?

And The Frisky has 8 solutions for gross dating problems. It seems like a well-stocked purse and not being black-out drunk would help.

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