Baby Bytes: How Parenting Made Me a Better Person

baby on laptop

How to tell your boss you're pregnant, and misconceptions of the "mom vacation."

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Beyond her stunning career, roller coaster love life, and a name synonymous with glamour, Elizabeth Taylor was first and foremost a wonderful mother. This article contains a beautiful tribute from her own children. [TodayMoms]

Why did research determine that people view breastfeeding women as less competent? Read on for the surprising reason. [Double X]

Nervous about telling your boss you're pregnant? Here are some seamless ways to break the news. [Readers Digest]

It's your job to help your kids become the best people they can be, but in what ways has parenting made you a better person? [Babble]

Sure, a "mom vacation" may sound like your idea of heaven right now, but is a solo excursion really all it's cracked up to be? [Motherlode]

Feel like you're not being heard by your husband, family, etc.? Here are some tips to garner the listening ear you've always dreamed of. [Momlogic]