Who Is Chris Evans Dating: Ashley Greene Or Dianna Agron?

Chris Evans

Chris was seen getting flirty with both actresses. Is another Hollywood love triangle brewing?

If there's one thing that Hollywood isn't short on, it's love triangles. And, after a major breakup, the best thing that an ambitious, 24-year-old actress can do is quickly move on - ideally to a more famous and hunkier guy. However, when two young starlets zero in on the same rebound, things can get tricky!

Case in point, both Ashley Greene (who recently broke up with Joe Jonas) and Dianna Agron (who called off her relationship to Alex Pettyfer last month) have reportedly both been seen flirting with Chris Evans, the hunky, 29-year-old Captain America actor, who's own dating history includes a relationship with a pre-JT Jessica Biel. Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene Split

According to E! Online via Celebuzz, Ashley and Chris were seen looking very much like couple at a club in LA recently.

"They were dancing together very closely," said a source to E!. "It looked like they had a lot of sexual chemistry. Ashley was all over [Chris], and he certainly didn’t mind."

However, there is one person who may mind: Chris' other gal pal, Dianna Agron, who he reportedly flirting with (and swapped phone numbers!) at an Oscar pre-bash. Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer Break Up

So, did things quickly go south with Chris and Dianna last month, or is Chris playing the field now that he's a Hollywood super-hero?

Photo Credit: INF