Guatemala's First Couple To Divorce So Wife Can Run For President

sandra torres guatemala first lady presidential hopeful

The Guatemalan President and First Lady divorce so she can run as his replacement.

Behind every great man is a great woman and Sandra Torres is tired of standing behind her husband, Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom. So much so that she wants to be the one who succeeds her husband in office when his term ends this coming fall.

Torres, who BBC reports plays a prominent role in her husband's presidency, announced earlier this month that she will try to become Guatemala's next (and first female) president. Yes, Ms. Torres wants to pull a Hillary, and the only thing standing in her way is the Guatemalan constitution. which bans close relatives of the president from standing to succeed him. And one might think that this would discourage Ms. Torres from running, but it hasn't. Instead, Torres and Colom have filed for divorce. Why Do Men Get Married?

"The request for divorce by mutual consent was presented on 11 March to a judge at the second family court," said Guatemalan Supreme court spokesman Edwin Escobar.

However, Torres' competition—Otto Perez Molina—believes the couple is "seeking to defraud the system." Even if the divorce is upheld in court, Molina believes it won't be enough to overcome the constitutional ban. Oh, politics...

Though we're not sure if their divorce will uphold in court either, we certainly respect both Torres and Colom for taking necessary steps for his wife to have a shot at her dreams, even if it means divorce. The two are obviously secure with one another in their marriage to do such a thing, and it's admirable how far they're willing to go to ensure one another's happiness. And who better to succeed Colom than the woman who has been by his side throught it all? Not to mention we're totally on board with female presidents.  Can Powerful Women Find Love?

What do you think of the couple's decision to divorce so Torres can run for pres?