Chris Brown's Good Morning America Meltdown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown follows in Charlie Sheen's footsteps and goes psycho after an interview.

Chris Brown reminded the world why he was so hated two years ago by storming out after Good Morning America's Robin Roberts asked him about the "Rihanna incident." In case you have been living under a rock, in 2009 Chris was accused of assaulting his then girlfriend, Rihanna, with graphic images of Rihanna post-abuse quickly surfacing across the web. Chris Brown Allegedly Assaults Rihanna

Despite this, Chris hardly seemed apologetic, and yet still managed to produce hit songs. He has even managed to get dates with other women (maybe they don't read the news?).

And now, the singer supposedly ran off the set of Good Morning America after screaming at them and taking off his shirt (was that necessary?). He then proceeded to smash his dressing room window (via before leaving.

It looks like the star still hasn't learned to control his temper. But really, you would think he would have realized by now the best thing he could do was keep a low profile.

To top it off, Good Morning America said Chris had given the OK about questions regarding Rihanna prior to his appearance, so the singer can not even complain about being set up or caught off guard. In his defense, no one actually say Chris throw the chair at the window—although he was present when it was broken.

But even though the pop star certainly created a scene, reports that it is unlikely Chris will suffer any legal consequences.

"The police weren't called, and unless ABC decides to call the NYPD, no action will be taken against Brown," a source said.

Maybe he won't face any jail time, but we're sure this outburst won't do wonders for his album sales. Then again, how long did it take for Charlie Sheen's career to tank? 6 Things You Don't Know About Charlie Sheen