Is Kate Middleton Already Fighting With Her In-Laws?

Kate Middleton Camilla Parker-Bowles

Camilla Parker-Bowles supposedly hates Kate's wedding gown. Is this just the beginning?

From the few public glimpses we've seen of Kate Middleton, she seems to be a soft-spoken, very polite princess-to-be who deflects to Prince William when faced with a tricky interview question and has admiringly gushed about how funny and romantic he is.

However, if recent tabloid stories are to be believed, the real, behind-the-scenes Kate may be more strong-headed and independent than we know. According to, Kate has already expressed her disapproval on a number of occasions, related to her wedding and her image.

For example, she was supposedly none-too-pleased with the official Royal Mint coin that depicts a youthful-looking William in the foreground with a head full of hair, and Kate as a wrinkled, much older woman. She is also said to be at odds with an actual wrinkled, older woman - her future step-mother, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Camilla Will Have To Start Curtsying To Kate Middleton

We've already heard reports that Kate and Camilla had an awkward lunch at which Camilla advised Kate "not to go the Diana way," so it's not surprising that Camilla reportedly "hates" Kate's Alexander McQueen wedding gown and is fighting with Kate's mother, Carol, about what color dresses they both will wear to the royal wedding. (Supposedly, they both wanted to wear canary yellow, but now Camilla has decided to go with pink, because God forbid that Prince Charles' wife show up in the same color as a mere commoner.)

In other Middleton news, Mohamed al-Fayed, the father of Princess Di's last boyfriend, Dodi al-Fayed, who died with her in the Paris car crash, recently gave an interview to the National Enquirer via Celebitchy, in which he cryptically warns Kate about what happens when you "exchange vows with a Windsor":

"Prince William lived with me when he was a young boy, and I have seen him grow up to become a wonderful man. England should be proud he will become the king. He has his mother's charm, and I can completely understand why Kate has fallen in love with him. But the price to pay will be too great. There is an albatross hanging round William's neck. It is having the last name Windsor. The Windsors will do their utmost to destroy his bride. I have no doubt William will always love her. He is much more of a man than his father Prince Charles could ever be. But the stress of dealing with her poisonous in-laws could prove too much for Kate.

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