The More the Merrier


I'm so much more laid back about the arrival of my third child than I was with the first two.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, which pretty much means I’m going to have a newborn any minute. I went to the doctor last Friday, and asked her whether I was safe buying a ticket for a charity ball this upcoming Saturday. She laughed, and said that while she doesn’t see any indications that indicate labor is imminent and I should not pass Go but go Straight to Hospital, purchasing the ticket will pretty much guarantee I have the baby before the event, or worse, go into labor at the event.

So I bought the tickets. And a ridiculously priced formal circus tent that I’ll never be able to wear again.

Some of my girlfriends were a little surprised when I responded with a positive to hold seats for us at their table. People seem to expect me to be sitting on the couch evaluating every stomach twinge for signs of labor. (Contraction? Or reaction to the Thai food I had for lunch??) And with my first two children, that’s exactly what I was doing. (In between eating the Thai food and, ahem, having quality time with my husband trying to usher in said labor.) Maybe I should be a little bit nervous about how close I am to having a newborn, but I’m not. This is my third child, and I’m pretty cool about it. This by no means indicates that I consider myself an uberly prepared professional, though.

My bags aren’t packed for the hospital. (With my first two I had playlists on the iPod, special PJs, gifts wrapped for my husband, healthy snacks on ice…this time I figure all I really need are some comfy PJs and a toothbrush. I’ll just grab those on the way out and send my husband back for the rest later.)

I don’t have the bassinet set up in my room yet. (It takes five minutes to set up. If I don’t get to it before we get home from the hospital, no sweat.)

The nursery is nowhere near ready for posting on Rate My Space. (First two? Looked like they belonged on a show called “Pimp My Nursery” months before my due date. This round? I know it’ll be months before she ever even sleeps in there.)

I was discussing why I’m so chill about the whole “Hey, I could have a baby any second” situation with some child-free friends, and here’s what I think it boils down to.

I’m not a super mom, but I’m totally a mom. It’s a defining characteristic of my life right now; I don’t make social plans without first considering childcare; I don’t stay up late without acknowledging that my sweet little alarm clocks will wake me up at the crack of dawn, and I don’t remember how to make a decision without considering how it will affect my kids. My mom experience has taught me the basics. Each child is different, but I pretty much know how to care for my kids and keep them safe and healthy. Caring for the new baby won’t be a learning experience as much as an application of the tools I have in my mommy arsenal.

My life is fairly chaotic, sticky, stained, and fun. I figure that adding one more to the headcount won’t really change it all that much. If I were to deliver a welcoming address to the new baby, it would pretty much go something like, “Hey there, we’re so excited to have you! Welcome to the party…just jump on in where you can, and good luck!”

If my child-free friends added a child to their family, that child would cause a major lifestyle change. But with a school-age child and a toddler, I kind of figure, the more the merrier.

Maybe I’m being naïve. If so, I’ll be the crazy lady screeching in the WalMart aisle. If so, and you see me, just avert your eyes, please.

I think I’ve pretty much got it covered. But I should really still go pack, since I’m pretty sure my water will break at this weekend’s dance. At least it’ll make for a good story.