Bizarre Couple Alert: John Mayer And Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet and John Mayer

Star reports that John Mayer and Kate Winslet are an item. Really?! Say it ain't so!

At this point, the more relevant story might be whom John Mayer hasn't hooked up with yet. From Taylor Swift to Jennifer Aniston to Miley Cyrus to Jessica Simpson, the swinging singer has been linked to just about everyone in Hollywood at some point. Yet his latest supposed hookup has more than a few people scratching their heads in disbelief—according to Star, Mayer is indulging in secret rendezvous seshes with none other than Oscar winner Kate Winslet!

“A few weeks ago, John was at a party in Manhattan when he ran into Kate. He really put the moves on her, and Kate eventually responded,” a source told Star (via Celebitchy). “She’s just having fun—and she’s begging him not to blab.” (Well, that's even more unlikely.)

It's not so hard to picture Winslet wanting to have a little lighthearted, no-strings-attached fun. After all, she divorced director Sam Mendes last March after a 7-year-marriage; the marriage was actually her second, following her 2001 divorce from British assistant director Jim Threapleton. She also had another long-term relationship with actor Stephen Tredre, who died of bone cancer in 1997 shortly after their breakup. So it's totally plausible that she might want to just enjoy dating and shy away from anything too serious for a while! Plus, she recently told Vogue that she found singlehood to be "an empowering thing." Kate Winslet: Being Single is Empowering

But John Mayer?! As Patti Stanger might say, Winslet's "picker" might need a little practice if this rumor holds any weight.