Links We Love: The First Year And Feminism

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Is the first year of marriage the hardest, plusdid feminism ruin marriage in America?

Every week we can manage, Traditional Love rounds up the best articles on the web about love and marraige and this week we found some doozies. NPR criticizes The Bachelor's choice of brides (oh snap!) and Stephanie Coontz calls marriage the "catalyst for divorce" and former child star Melissa Gilbert tries to recussitate her 16-year marriage. Phew. That, and more. 

Is the first year of marriage really the hardest? Adjusting to living as a couple instead of just living for yourself is hard, for everyone. [Times Union]

And before you head the altar, Simple Marriage suggests that writing your own vows will help you create a better direction for your marriage. Does just taking the word "submit" out of the old vows count as making your own? Because that's what I did. [Simple Marriage]

Fixing your marriage is hard enough, but doing it in the limelight? That has to be harder. (Stating the obvious is what I am good at.) Child star Melissa Gilbert is trying to salvage her 16-year marraige to Bruce Boxleitner. Best of luck! [Contact Music]

And speaking of marriages in the limelight, The Bachelor talked big about modern marriage, but is that what he really went after? NPR is onto you, Bachelor. [NPR]

And if those crazy reality-star kids need help making their marriage work, then they should check out these sexy bedroom tricks from 2. [2 For Couples]

And if you're going to use those sexy tips on a vacay, check out these tips on how to make that couples vacation that much better. [HitchedMag]

Finally, Jill Brooke interviews Stephanie Coongz about her new book and asks her whether feminism causes divorce? Well, does it? Read what Coontz has to say. [HuffPo]

What were you talking about this week?