Dating Terminology We Need To Ditch

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These tired phrases have reached their pop culture expiration date.

Sometimes, the worst part of dating is having to endure the cliche phrases that accompany it. I swear, if one more person says, "He's just not that into you," I'm going to jump into my oven and never come out. It was fun back in 2003 when the phrase debuted on Sex and the City and then became the title of a book (and then a movie!), but let's be honest, it’s totally played out. I get it. I grasp the concept. He's just not that into me and if he was, he would be. Next PLEASE? I beg of you single population-at-large, let's make dating somewhat hip again so we can feel non-lame while engaging in it. Here are some dating phrases that we need to put the kibosh on. Add your suggestions for replacement phrases in the comments. The Frisky: The Top Five Words You Should Never Say On A First Date

1. He's just not that into you. See above. Slaughtered due to overuse.

2. Your time will come. Thanks for the vote of confidence that I actually am lovable and there is a time when someone else will concur with you, my friend who is required to say that.

3. Put yourself out there. Out where? In the middle of the ocean at night? Where am I meant to be putting myself?

4. I'm open for love. This makes me sound like I'm a 7-11. I'm open for love, slurpees, hot dogs, and all of your late-night snack needs.

5. Going dutch. All I can think of when I hear this is "dutch oven," which makes me think of farting. Can we think of a better way to communicate that we'd like to split the bill without making me think of gas?

6. It's not you, it's me. No, it's me. Have the courtesy to tell me why.

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