Has 'Bachelor' Brad Womack Split From Emily Maynard Already?

Brad Womack on Good Morning America.
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An insider says the reality show match was a bust, as Brad and Emily are already over.

It appears Bachelor Brad Womack and his final-rose pick, Emily Maynard, were not a match made in reality-TV heaven. A source says the pair have called it quits—for good.

If y'all tuned in for The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, this news probably doesn't come as a huge shock. Just a few minutes after America watched Brad ask Emily to marry him with a romantic, heartfelt declaration of affection, he sat down with his (quasi-)fiancée to reveal they'd already been through a tumultuous breakup since the show wrapped. Bachelor Brad Puts A Ring On It, Says Goodbye To Chantal O'Brien

Apparently, Emily was not exactly thrilled by the actual Bachelor footage. She couldn't get over the whole Brad-hooking-up-with-lots-of-women thing, and thought he may have gone too far with some of the other ladies on the show. According to the lovebirds, they fought about Brad's onscreen activities every time an episode aired, and when their tempers snapped, the arguments got volatile. Yikes.

Interestingly, Brad and Em got back together again just before the special was filmed. But really, the damage had been done. The revelations of the post-show didn't exactly give us hopeful vibes for a bright, blissful future, and according to a show insider, single-mom Emily wasn't dealing well with a relationship centered in the spotlight.

"Emily is so insecure," a source from The Bachelor told PopEater. "She just isn't cut out for all the fame and attention her relationship is under. The six weeks of shooting the show in paradise was easy, away from prying eyes and photographers, but since they both returned to their normal lives things have been a disaster."

So, this couple is pretty much kaput. Which is sad, because for a brief moment after Brad's sweet proposal, we thought the two might actually have a real chance:

"You're so much more to me than a leap of faith," he told her. "You're the one. You're my once in a lifetime. I'm asking you to give me your forever."

Oh, how quickly some things change... We guess forever was just a pipe dream.

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