8 Things Charlie Sheen Can Teach Us About Breakups

charlie sheen
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Lessons from the Two And A Half Men split... among other things.

5. Don't overdo it on telling people you're not crazy. The 101st time you hear, "I'm not the crazy one," you start to think, "Um, he may be crazy." Being covered in lighter fluid and geeked to the beak on pharmaceutical-grade elephant adrenaline while singing "God Save The Queen" does not inspire confidence. Keep your supposed sanity to yourself. The 5-Step Guide To Breaking Up With A Man Like A Freaking ADULT

6. Do find something with which to distract yourself. Chaz Sheen has decided to spend plenty of time with a pair of "goddesses" and, per RadarOnline, gave up the rowdy powder with naught but his noodle. You could go on dates with a couple of nice guys and join an Italian cooking class.

7. Don't besmirch Thomas Jefferson. The architect of our constitution was not a "pussy." I understand that, when you're fired up, you may say some things you don't mean, but don't you dare tell your ex that Alec Baldwin isn't funny, or some other nonsensical thing that's just going to make everyone mad. 8 Expert Reasons To Finally (And Permanently!) Let Go Of Your Ex

8. Do take naps. It's a good way to recharge your bitchin' life.

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